Revision & Refund Policy

The Wisden Team has always tried its best to provide you with quality and original content. And for that, we have even made the refund and revision policy for our customers. This policy helps to give our customers utmost security and a chance to try out our services.


As our motto is to provide the best quality, we strive hard to stick to that. According to this, we offer high quality content to the customers. But in case you are not satisfied with our writing quality, we are open for revisions and editing.

We will provide you revisions so that you get satisfied with our work and services.


In extreme cases when you are not happy with our work and have some issues with it that lead you to ask for a refund, we will try our best to help you in that situation.

  •  If we have not started the work within the stipulated time period of the project, we can offer you the complete refund.
  •  In case we have started working on your project and you want to cancel it in between, we will not charge for the portions that we have not done/started. We will not be able to give you the refund for the work that has already been started or completed. So, if you have ordered 5 articles and we have done 3 out of them, you will get the refund on the 2 remaining ones and not on the 3 that have been completed.
  • In case we have delivered your work, we will not accept the return then. You can ask for the revision policy in that case.


Request for Refund

Request for refund needs to be made in writing through dropping an email at All requests will be accepted Only within 48 hours of time of project delivery.

Also, when you request for the refund, you will give in writing that you will not or have not used the content for any purpose whatsoever.

Any abuse of the policies may lead to denial of the refund request.

You can contact us via regarding revisions and refunds.


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